Tamper Stop Security Tape with Custom logos

Tamper Stop tamper evident security tape is a customizable tamper indicating tape that reveals a hidden graphic and tamper evident "OPENED" message when it is peeled away. This security tape is also commonly referred to as void tape, evidence tape, tamper resistant tape, tamper proof tape, holographic tape, security tape, TSA tape, and pilfer proof tape. Tamper Stop's ultra-aggressive adhesive bonds quickly to a wide variety of substrates including corrugated boxes, plastic pails, polyethylene bags, metals, stretch film, and wood. Tampertsop security tape has been audited and approved by TSA for some of our clients.

Custom security tape options

Security tape rolls can be supplied in your specified width and length; standard size rolls are 2" wide and 60 yards in length. The standard message is "OPENED". Minimum purchase is 50 rolls. We can customize colors, security features, sizes, and printing. Please note that we only offer custom tape, exclusive to you, as opposed to catalogue houses who offer generic, easily sourced security tape in small quantities. In other words we are here to protect our clients and their distribution channels.

Information about ordering

When requesting a quote please advise your desired quantity, the surface substrate the security tape will adhere to, and the environment that the tape will be used, transported, or stored in.

Article: "Tamper Evident Security Tapes: What Are The Options?"

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